Andi Rock Biography, Net Worth

Andi Rock Biography, Net Worth

Andi Rock is an American therapist who specializes in working with children with autism. She is the only sister of stand-up comedian, writer, producer and director Christopher Julius Rock. Born in 1985, Andi lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina and comes from humble beginnings.

Her father, Julius was a truck driver and newspaper deliveryman whereas her mother, Rosalie Rock was a teacher and social worker. Despite the loss of her father in 1988 after ulcer surgery, Andi has gone on to build an enviable career for herself.

Andi Rock Net Worth

Andi Rock has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million dollars, as of 2021. She has been able to amass such a fortune over the years due to her successful career in therapy which she started almost two decades ago.

In addition to this, Andi also runs her own non-profit organization which works to provide support for children with autism and their families. She also has several lucrative endorsement deals with big brands, which adds significantly to her income.

Andi Rock has also published several books, including her autobiography which tells her story of overcoming the odds and building a successful career. This has enabled her to make money from book sales as well as public appearances.

Apart from this, Andi is also an avid philanthropist and donates a considerable portion of her income to charities and causes close to her heart. With all these sources of income added together, it is no wonder that Andi Rock has been able to accumulate such a large net worth over the years.


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