Andre Rock: Meet Chris Rock’s brother

Andre Rock: Meet Chris Rock’s brother

Andre Rock is the first-born brother of Chris Rock, a well-known comedian, actor, director and producer. While Chris has been in the public eye for decades now, Andre has kept them out of the spotlight. Here’s a look at what we know about Andre Rock and his life outside of Hollywood.

Andre Rock was born in 1967 in Brooklyn, New York. He has six younger siblings and grew up with Chris during their formative years. It’s unclear where Andre went to school or what his education is but he has been noted as the founder of Julius Rock Trucking Inc., a successful trucking company based out of Brooklyn.

While Andre has kept much of his life out of the public eye, we do know that he is the founder and CEO of Julius Rock Trucking Inc. The company has been in operation since 1999 and specializes in providing timely transportation services for customers across New York City and its surrounding areas.

Andre is a highly respected entrepreneur who has earned recognition for his outstanding work and dedication to the trucking industry.

Andre Rock is a private person and not much is known about his current personal life. It’s been reported that he is married with children, but other details remain unknown.

Andre Rock: Meet Chris Rock’s brother

Even though his brother is famous, Chris’ oldest brother Andre Rock has managed to stay out of the spotlight. He was born in 1967 and isn’t often seen in public with Chris or his family.

Though he was not the television producer of a show based on his family’s history living in Brooklyn, Andre runs Julius Rock Trucking Inc., according to reports. The trucking company is named after his late father who passed away in 1988.

Andre is an extremely private individual and not many details are known about his personal life. He’s been married for some time now, but the extent of this relationship remains unknown. It has also been reported that he has children, though the exact number is not confirmed.


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