Austin Drew Greenfield Biography, Net Worth

Austin Drew Greenfield Biography, Net Worth

Austin Drew Greenfield was the son of legendary singer Ronnie Spector and her second husband Jonathan Greenfield. Austin was born in the mid-90s and his brother is Donte Phillip Spector, Gary Phillip Spector, Louis Phillip Spector, and Jason Charles Greenfield. While Austin was Ronnie’s son from her second marriage, Donte, Gary, and Louis were all adopted by her.

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Not much is known about Austin’s career but he has shared photos on social media that indicate he works in the music industry. He likely inherited his mother’s passion for music and is likely pursuing a career in the industry.

Austin Drew Greenfield Net Worth

Though details of Austin Drew Greenfield’s net worth are unknown, his mother Ronnie Spector had an estimated net worth of around $1 million at the time of her death.

Her career as a singer and songwriter spanned over six decades and spawned many hits including Be My Baby, Baby I Love You, and The Best Part of Breaking Up. Austin likely inherited a portion of his mother’s wealth, though the exact amount is unknown.

Ronnie Spector will always be remembered as an icon who left her mark on music history. Her son Austin Drew Greenfield carries on her legacy and will no doubt continue to make just as big of an impact.


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