Charlie Hill Children

Charlie Hill Children: Dine’ Nizhoni Hill, Nasbah Hill, Nanabah Hill, Nabahe Hill

Charlie Hill was educated at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico and went on to study theatre and dance at the University of New Mexico. His accomplished career included performances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, writing for Roseanne, performing in film and television productions including Comedy Native Style and Off the Rez, as well as performing stand-up comedy at prestigious venues in the United States and Canada.

Hill’s iconic status in the entertainment world has been recognized with a statue of him unveiled at the Oneida Casino near Green Bay, Wisconsin in 2018. He is remembered as an icon who paved the way for future generations of Native American comedians, actors and writers.

Hill’s legacy lives on through the Charlie Hill Scholarship, which is awarded to aspiring Native American students studying in the fields of theatre and entertainment. The scholarship serves as an ongoing tribute to Hill’s commitment and dedication to his craft. He will be remembered for generations to come.

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Charlie Hill was a trailblazer who left behind a powerful legacy that will continue to inspire many. He will be fondly remembered and honored for his tireless efforts in the entertainment industry and dedication to his family. His spirit of resilience and courage lives on in those who knew him best. May he rest in peace.

Charlie Hill Children

Dine’ Nizhoni Hill, Nasbah Hill, Nanabah Hill, and Nabahe Hill. He taught them about resilience, humor and life in general. He also served as an inspiration to many Native Americans, encouraging them to follow their dreams and never give up.


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