Top 10 Remedies for Hallux Valgus Relief

Hallux valgus commonly affects older women. Frequent causes include metabolic issues and wearing overly tight, high-heeled shoes. Many wonder how to treat this condition. Fortunately, various remedies can provide relief.

Proper Diet

Adjusting your diet by avoiding salty, spicy foods can alleviate hallux valgus and other conditions.

Salt Bath

This folk remedy reduces swelling and inflammation. Simply heat water with salt and soak your foot for two weeks.

Egg and Vaseline Blend

Hard boil an egg in vinegar until the shell dissolves. Mix with Vaseline and apply to the bunion.

Natural Remedies

Consider an iodine and dandelion tincture. Grind dried dandelion flowers and leaves. Cover with iodine and apply every four days. A propolis compress also helps reduce swelling. Knead propolis and wrap your toe.

Custom Orthotics

Properly fitted orthotics reduce pressure on the big toe joint while supporting comfortable movement.

Therapeutic Exercises

Targeted exercises strengthen the musculoskeletal system and decrease symptoms.

Warming Creams

Applying warming creams stimulates blood flow for healing. Along with these remedies, see your doctor for prescription orthotics and physical therapy. We recommend integrated treatment for optimal relief from hallux valgus discomfort.

We’ve compiled the top 10 treatments for hallux valgus relief, based on reviews from real patients.

April 14, 2023


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