Horace Logan White Cause of Death

On November 16, 1963, the world lost the great Horace Logan White. A Radio Maker and veteran of World War One, his death left many saddened by his passing.

Born on May 30th 1899 in Negaunee Township, Marquette County, Michigan USA, he eventually moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a sales representative for the Crouse-Hinds Company. After a brief illness, he passed away at the age of 64.

His death was also marked by his beloved daughter Betty White’s passing on December 31st 2021 in her sleep.

Horace Logan White Cause of Death

Horace Logan White passed away due to a short-lived illness, as noted on his death certificate found on social media. While he was always driven to succeed and make money, he neglected his health in the process.

Horace Logan White Cause of Death

White will be remembered for his dedication to serving his country during World War One and for creating radios that enriched many communities. He believed strongly in the power of community radio and made sure to put a strong emphasis on educating people about the importance of radio whenever he could.

He spent much of his life advocating for public interest broadcasting and was vocal about protecting freedom of speech rights for everyone, regardless of their personal beliefs.

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