Is Marlynn Myers Still Alive or Dead?

Is Marlynn Myers Still Alive or Dead?

Marlynn Myers was a woman of considerable social standing, thanks to her father’s acquisition of a few KFC restaurants in Waterloo, Iowa. She met John, who was working as a manager at the same store she worked for in Springfield, Illinois.

The two married and moved into her parents’ house within a year. Little did Marlynn know, John’s first homosexual encounter occurred around the same time as their marriage.

John’s initial sexuality did not deter Marlynn from staying married to him and even in 1979, when she was interviewed, she still had a lot of respect for her husband.

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She said that he was an ideal partner in every way except for his sexual orientation. However, since then, the whereabouts of Marlynn has remained a mystery.

Is Marlynn Myers Still Alive or Dead?

During a 1979 interview, Marlynn revealed that she had gotten married again after divorcing John and hadn’t seen him in quite some time. She expressed shock at what he had done, revealing that during their marriage neither her nor John ever suspected his attraction to men.

Since then, very little information has been revealed about Marlynn’s life after the divorce. Nobody knows whether Marlynn is still alive or dead and if she ever remarried again. Nevertheless, one thing is certain; her impact on John’s life cannot be denied.

It’s safe to say that without Marlynn Myers, John would have never come to the realization that he needs to be true to himself and express his feelings openly. While Marlynn’s whereabouts remain unknown, we continue to keep an eye out for any new information about her life.


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