Is Nadine Inscoe Still Alive?

Is Nadine Inscoe Still Alive?

Nadine Inscoe is best known as the wife of late American music icon, Ronnie Van Zant. She was born in a small town in Florida and worked as a nurse before meeting her husband-to-be.

Since their marriage, little is known about what happened to Nadine after her husband’s tragic death in 1977. There is no information about her life since then, and it is not known if she is still alive today.

Nadine had two children with Ronnie; a son named Bill (born in 1968) and a daughter, Tammy (born in 1971). Both of their children followed in their father’s footsteps and continued his legacy through music. Bill is a member of the band Blackfoot, while Tammy is a singer and songwriter who released her debut album in 2007.

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Nadine has largely remained out of the spotlight since her husband’s death, but she continues to have an important role in her family’s life and music. Her daughter Tammy, who is still active in the industry, has gone on record to say that she owes everything to her mother for her guidance and support throughout her career.

Though much of Nadine’s current activities remain a mystery, it is clear that she left a lasting legacy as the wife of Ronnie Van Zant, and as a mother and grandmother to her children and grandchildren. She may not be in the public eye anymore, but she will always be remembered for her contributions to an iconic musical family.

It is with deep sorrow that we must announce the passing of Nadine Inscoe, who died on April 5th 2014. Her beloved daughter Tammy has also crossed over to eternity.


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