Marlynn Myers: Where Is She Now?

Marlynn Myers: Where Is She Now?

Marlynn Myers is one of the 33 victims of John Wayne Gacy. She was only 15 years old when she went missing in 1976 after leaving a friend’s house late at night in Chicago, Illinois. Her disappearance has remained a mystery for decades, but her family and friends have never given up hope that she will someday be found. Since her disappearance, her family has tirelessly worked to bring her home, and even today they are still searching for answers.

After Marlynn would kill his victims, he would typically stuff their dead bodies under his bed for a day, before bringing them to the garage where he embalmed them and then buried them in a crawl space. He admitted to occasionally quickening the decomposition process by pouring quicklime on the bodies. Although Marlynn’s body was never found, her family still hopes that someday she will be returned to them.

Where Is She Now?

Gacy first met Marlynn Myers in 1964 as they were both working at a men’s clothing store. They began dating in 1966 and got married on July 3, 1967. A little over a year into the marriage, Gacy started to become physically abusive.

In 1970, Marlynn divorced Gacy and took their two children with her. While she originally had full custody of the children, Gacy was eventually given joint custody after he filed for it and proved that he could provide a stable home environment for them. Myers later remarried and currently resides in Iowa.


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