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Michael Gacy, one of John Wayne Gacy’s two children has lived in the shadow of his father’s monstrous crimes for decades. John was apprehended in 1978 for the horrific murder of 33 boys and men, leaving his young family reeling from the tragedy as they were suddenly thrust into public scrutiny. Michael was just two years old at the time, and his father’s lengthy imprisonment meant that the two would never have a chance to form any kind of relationship.

But what has become of Michael Gacy in the wake of his father’s conviction? After all these years, what does his life look like now? Let’s take a closer look.

Michael Gacy Life Now

Michael Gacy has led a private life since his father’s conviction. He is known to have moved from Los Angeles, California to the Pacific Northwest where he lives with his family. He works as a carpenter and reportedly supports himself and his family through this profession alone. Michael keeps out of the public eye and has said that he has no interest in talking about his father’s past.

Though he continues to remain largely out of the public eye, Michael did make a rare appearance on NBC’s Today show in Sept 2018, where he spoke candidly about growing up with a serial killer for a father. He said that it was extremely difficult for him and his family to cope with the knowledge that John Wayne Gacy was responsible for such horrific acts and that he still struggles with it today.

In his interview, Michael also spoke about how he has worked hard to distance himself from his father’s legacy. He condones no part of the terrible crimes committed by his father and is determined to lead a life of integrity and purpose.

Michael’s strong will to remain independent and unshackled by his father’s past is admirable. It is commendable that he has managed to overcome the trauma of growing up with a serial murderer as his father, and has instead chosen to build a positive life for himself. Though Michael Gacy is still haunted by his father’s legacy, he has shown that it does not define him.

That is it for Michael Gacy’s life now. We hope this article has given you a better understanding of his journey in the wake of his father’s conviction.

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