10 Best Supplements for Muscle Growth Results

Gaining muscle takes hard work and dedication. Many lift weights, train for hours, and eat massive amounts, yet still struggle to build muscle mass. This guide shares proven techniques to sculpt the physique of your dreams without extreme difficulty or disruption. First, understand that motivation and discipline combined are key for muscle growth: create a tailored training plan yourself or enlist an expert’s help.

Pro Tips for Gains:

  1. Increase protein intake. Protein provides the building blocks for muscle, so without enough, your muscles lack the raw materials to grow. Drink a protein shake before bed if intake is low.
  2. Eat a calorie-rich, balanced diet. Training is futile without ample calories to fuel muscle growth, as building mass requires tremendous energy.
  3. Consume carbs post-workout. Studies show carbohydrates like bananas or peanut butter after training help you recover faster for enhanced muscle growth. Focus on complex carbs.
  4. Eat every 3 hours. This maximizes muscle gain by controlling calories and nutrient intake.
  5. Use full-body workouts. Only training certain muscles causes imbalances which impede gains.
  6. Lift heavy weights with low reps. Using your max weight for fewer reps builds strength, not endurance, for increased mass.
  7. Take rest days. Without recovery, muscles cannot grow. Plan one rest day after weight training when protein synthesis peaks.
  8. Drink protein pre-workout. More blood flows during exercise, shuttling protein to muscles faster for better growth.

Targeted supplements containing key minerals also promote muscle growth.

We’ve carefully reviewed hundreds of muscle-building products to reveal the top 10 supplements that can transform your physique.

February 12, 2023


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