Top 10 Prostatitis Treatments

Prostatitis is a condition affecting the male urinary system often caused by cold exposure, infections, stagnant secretions from irregular sexual activity or prolonged sitting. Inflammation of the prostate gland leads to pelvic pain, urinary issues, and sexual dysfunction. Medical data shows prostatitis cases are rising yearly. However, many affected men avoid seeking medical help due to embarrassment. Experts caution that only timely treatment prevents severe complications from reproductive conditions. Consulting a urologist for diagnosis and effective prostatitis care is key to eliminating infectious foci and restoring wellbeing.

Prostate Inflammation Treatment Methods

Prostatitis is classified as acute or chronic depending on type.

Treating Acute Prostatitis

Uncomplicated acute prostatitis is diagnosed and treated as an outpatient. Hospitalization is required for purulent cases. Antibiotics able to penetrate prostate tissues are commonly prescribed based on testing. Acute urinary retention may need cystostomy for urine diversion. Abscess development indicates endoscopic drainage.

Chronic Prostatitis Treatment

Even prompt, complete acute prostatitis care doesn’t guarantee avoiding chronic disease. Chronic prostatitis therapy utilizes multiple modalities including:

  • Antibacterial drugs chosen per urine culture and prostate secretion analysis;
  • Antispasmodics for pain relief;
  • Warm medicated microclysters;
  • Physiotherapy using targeted ultrasonic, laser, and electromagnetic waves to improve circulation;
  • Prostate massage to eliminate inflammatory secretions;
  • Therapeutic exercises.

Alongside primary treatment, vitamins, special diets, and herbal preparations are advised. Advanced disease may need surgery. Medications are central to inflammation relief.

We’ve compiled the 10 most effective prostatitis remedies based on real customer reviews.

July 27, 2023

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