Where Is Solica Casuto Now?

Where Is Solica Casuto Now?

Solica and Andy married in 1973 and lived together until 1981 when they divorced. During their marriage, the couple acted together in a few productions, including The Main Event (1977) and Savannah Smiles (1982).

After their divorce, Solica continued her acting career and is best known for her roles in Back to School (1986) and The Golden Child (1986). Solica has also appeared in a few television shows and movies, such as Murder, She Wrote, Seinfeld, and the short film Greece Is Burning.

Today, Solica Casuto is still working in the entertainment industry and has appeared in numerous films and television shows. She is currently residing in Los Angeles where she continues to work as an actress.

She also frequently participates in various charity events around the world. Her most recent charity event was a fundraiser for children with cancer at the Art of Elysium in Los Angeles. Solica is also a member of the Greek American Association and continues to be an advocate for her heritage.

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In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Solica is involved with several business ventures including a production company and a restaurant that serves authentic Greek cuisine. She has also written two books on Greek cooking. Solica is an inspiration to many and a reminder that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

Where Is Solica Casuto Now?

Since her divorce from the acclaimed comedian and actor, Solica Cassuto has been tight-lipped – leaving many unsure of what she’s up to.

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