Who is Kevin Gates Twin Brother?

Who is Kevin Gates Twin Brother?

Kevin Gates twin brother is also an artist with a passion for music. His name is Khaza Gilyard and he has been rapping for over 10 years. He released his first mixtape Khaza’s World in 2007, followed by two more albums, Street Symphony (2011) and The God Complex (2016).

Khaza has collaborated with a variety of well-known artists, including his brother Kevin Gates. They released the widely popular single Me and My Brother in 2009. He is also featured on several other tracks from Islah, such as Had To and The Truth. Khaza has also been featured on tracks from other prominent rappers, including Waka Flocka Flame and Bun B.

In addition to his music career, Khaza also invests heavily in philanthropy and community service. He is a mentor for young people in disadvantaged neighborhoods, as well as a role model for aspiring rap artists.

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He has appeared at numerous charity events, including a back-to-school drive and a toy drive at the Joy Theater. Khaza is also an active advocate for domestic violence prevention and gender equality. He speaks frequently at universities and other events to promote these causes.

Who is Kevin Gates Twin Brother?

At the young age of 17, Kevin Gates tragically lost his father. This was shortly after he had started dating in eighth grade alongside his twin brother Brandon Gilyard.

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