Who's Namiko Love Browner's Dad

Who’s Namiko Love Browner’s Dad?

Namiko Love Browner is a beloved daughter of R&B artists Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo and O’Ryan Omir Grandberry. She has been making appearances in her parents’ music videos since she was just a little child, and even collaborated with them on the song Sing to Me from her mother’s 2017 album, Trip.

Let’s take a closer look at O’Ryan Omir Grandberry and the role he plays in his daughter’s life.

Who’s Namiko Love Browner’s Dad?

O’Ryan Omir Grandberry, also known as Lil Fizz, is a former member of the hip hop group B2K. He is well known for his music and acting career, having a starring role in the 2004 movie You Got Served. In 2019, he returned to his music roots when he released his solo album, No Love Lost.

In addition to his career pursuits, O’Ryan is also a devoted father and husband. He often gushes about his daughter Namiko on social media, expressing how proud he is of her accomplishments. O’Ryan has been involved in Namiko’s life since she was born and the two have a close bond. He is passionate about raising her to become an independent, strong woman and they are often seen spending time together doing fun activities like going to the beach.

O’Ryan Omir Grandberry is undoubtedly Namiko Love Browner’s biggest supporter and role model. His passion for his daughter shines through in everything he does and it’s clear that Namiko is incredibly lucky to have him as her Dad.

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